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Monday, May 18, 2015

Sacrifice for Love

Question of the day: What would you sacrifice for love?

        I think this question depends on the range of the love or the type of love described. To me love is family; that is the one and only thing I would sacrifice not my leg or my right arm, but for my family,  I would sacrifice myself: only if it is reasonable and if they promised to make something great out of it. I don't think  would ever sacrifice myself for a romantic partner because  understand I can live without them but I wouldn't want to. For a partner, depending on how much they value you and care about me, the only time I would sacrifice something is if I know they cared about me more than they did themselves.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Question of the day

What would you sacrifice for an ideal society where everything is perfect?

I would sacrifice my ego and pride for the good of the society and I think everyone else should too. Because everyone today believes that society is imperfectly perfect. It seems that people are addicted to the idea of perfection when in reality they don't understand what it really means to be perfect. I believe perfection is a flaw because if everyone was perfect , one could not compare themselves to another or differentiate themselves and their abilities if they were all classified with the same characteristic, abilities and lifestyle. If life were perfect , basically no one would die, people would get everything they ever wanted which is statistically  impossible. Humanity is flawed. Nobody is perfect; so how would the
 entire human population be perfect.