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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A very old man with Enormous wings

1.  The characters are polite and don't react in an offensive way to the old man.

2. They made him seem realistic that he is more humble and and exhibits realism.

3. The narrator has to give an unbiased telling of the story.

4. The fact that the angel was decrepit and feeble instead of being what we assume angels looked like; He had parasites on his wings. Also, when they locked him in a chicken coup and made an attraction out of him and lots of money; Also the way the people moved on to the Tarantula from the angel.

5. the more accurate theme would be acceptance and faith.

6. It is a tale for children because it teaches us a lesson.

7. The Tarantula and the man with the Enormous wings

8. The author does not want to give a preconceived notion of who's opinion

9. The Priest tries tests that prove he is not an angel because he is skeptical. Father Gonzaga notices the parasites and feeble description of him.

10. The villagers respond to the tarantula girl by staring and harassing her. The author is trying to tell us that society is very fickle with fate. As soon as something new and probably better comes along

11. Society is not ready to be exposed to something as "out of this world" as this. Our society today will probably react in a more violent and annoying way. Probably experiment and do tests on him.