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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” – Questions for Analysis
Standards assessed in this assignment:
    • Student analyses the language, content, structure, meaning and significance of both familiar and previously unseen oral, written and visual texts
    • Student analyses the effects of the author’s choices on an audience

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.  Upload these answers to your blog on a posting titled “Owl Creek.”
1. In Section I, Bierce includes few details about the condemned man and does not reveal the reason why he is being hanged. How does this help create suspense?
It helps create suspense by having us wonder what is going on with what happened. Bierce is trying to influence us with a hook.
2. In what ways are the condemned man's perceptions of time and motion distorted as he is waiting to be hanged? Why are his distorted perceptions important?
His watch is extremely and it was also slowed down. His distorted perceptions are important because of foreshadowing.
3. What is a sentinel?
Soldier on guard duty
4. What is the significance of the man’s perception of his ticking watch?
His last moments of his life ticking away.
5. In Section II, Bierce finally introduces Peyton Farquhar.  Why place this information in the middle of the story, and in a flashback?   How does this authorial decision contribute to suspense and our sympathies toward Farquhar?
The writer wanted to build suspense and keep the reader in the "dark". We got to know more about Peyton Farquhar throughout the story.
6.  Why was Farquhar captured?  Why did the Federal scout lie?
The Federal scout lied because he could tamper with the railroad; it tricked and trapped him.
7. What details in Part III suggest that Farquhar's journey occurs in his mind? How is the journey connected with the plan of escape that occurs to him moments before he is hanged?
Some things that occurred was his superhuman abilities and illusions like catching a bullet etc. When he is standing on the plank he thought about what will happen,
8.  What is the ultimate fate of Peyton Farquhar?  About how long did it truly take for the events of the story to unfold?
Peyton Farquhar dies. It only tok a few seconds from the time he reaches the lake.
9. Why is the limited third-person point of view appropriate for this story? How might the story be different if Bierce had used an omniscient third-person narrator?
It keeps key information the narrative technique used and it keeps the readers attention.

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