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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Perks of being a wallflower

Why I chose this book: I chose this book because I watched the movie already. I wanted to distinguish the traits of the movie compared to those of the book. People always said the book version is always better than the movie because it has more details and it makes you feel more connected to the subject of the book; you understand whats going on because of the vivid description of the events. I personally enjoy reading books than watching movies; I can get really attached to a book and I believe that without the power of visuals and pictures, the book allows its readers to put to ether the story in a more creative and effective way. When I watched the movie Divergent I thought it was absolutely fantastic, I loved the whole idea but then my friend suggested I read the book so I did. And I can say it was so much more exhaustive and comprehensive; I got to know more about the situation other than having a limited time to understand the subject.Charlie, the nominal wallflower, lives an internal life. He just wants friends and he wants those friends to be happy; I wanted to read more into that situation because he "travels" through that strange course of permeate adolescence. 

The best part of the book: I feel like the best part of the book is reading about Charlie's travels through  the perks of teenage years. The book begins with a very quiet, emotionally sensitive freshmen named Charlie. He's  writing letters to an unknown recipient about his life. He discusses his first year at high school, while confronting with two traumatic experiences from his past: his aunt's death and best friend's suicide. He started out being very innocent but since his senior friends, he starts to drink and smoke marijuana and cigarettes. Throughout the year, Charlie experiences more and more of what high school has to offer. My favorite part of the book is when Charlie, Same, and patrick play the perfect song while in a tunnel and said at that moment they felt infinite. When I was reading the book I felt a sort of connection with them and i think that's what this book does. It gives readers an empathetic conscience which ,in my opinion, makes a person enjoy the book better.

Worst part: My least favorite part of the book would be the format. It honestly has a lot of springy and naive sentences. I don't usually read books with such simple structure but I can say its different not in the worst way. The writing style didn't really work for me.. it was too lacking. In some parts of the book Charlie acted like a little child, he is so naive yet so experienced for his age. I didn't really like how he was was always  crying because it made me feel a little sad yet annoyed. I hate depressing books , but its not that this book was depressing ; it just had depressing tones and lines in it.

I would definitely recommend this book to others because I feel like its a coming of age story that most people who can connect to that would want to read it. Its a very commercial book that many teens who are similar with mature content can connect to.

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